Chicago Tribune: Richard Driehaus Does Battle Against Eisenhower Memorial Design

Eisenhower Memorial viewed from Independence Ave. -- Source: Eisenhower Memorial Commission

Blair Kamin reports at the Chicago Tribune that Richard Driehaus, one of the world’s staunchest supporters of traditional architecture, is fighting Frank Gehry’s avant-garde design for the national Eisenhower Memorial:

Chicago investment manager and philanthropist Richard Driehaus is in the news this morning, not because he’s building a building, but because he’s putting his name on one.

Driehaus is giving $30 million to DePaul University, which will rename its College of Commerce the Richard H. Driehaus College of Business. But Driehaus’ latest maneuvers don’t stop there.

An aesthetic traditionalist who sponsors an annual architecture award that bears his name, Driehaus is no fan of Frank Gehry’s proposed modernist design for the Eisenhower Memorial in Washington, D.C. And he’s doing what he can to fight it.

Earlier this week, a public relations operative who works for Driehaus called me and offered the following essay, by the influential neo-traditionalist architect Leon Krier, who offers a tough critique of Gehry’s plan and ideology.

I told the operative and Krier that, in fairness, I would ask Gehry for a response. After all, if Gehry were taking aim at a Krier plan, Krier would deserve a chance to talk back.

But Gehry didn’t respond to my emails and calls yesterday . . . .

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