Rep. Jason Chaffetz Expresses Qualms About Ike Memorial Design

Roll Call reports:

CQ Roll Call has learned that in the three weeks since news of the leadership shakeup [of the Eisenhower Memorial Commission], the Eisenhower family has been making the rounds on Capitol Hill to reiterate their criticism about Gehry’s design and the process by which Gehry was selected. The former president’s granddaughters, Anne and Susan Eisenhower, have publicly requested a simpler design.

House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz, who plays a role in the approval process as an ex-officio member of NCPC, met with the Eisenhowers last week. The Utah Republican plans to keep an eye on alleged problems at EMC, said spokeswoman Melissa Subbotin, such as flawed budgeting and mismanagement of taxpayer resources. Congress has appropriated more than $46 million for the project since its authorization in 1999.

 Chaffetz “remains very concerned about a number of different aspects pertaining to the Eisenhower Memorial, but again [it’s] important to note that he remains very committed to ensuring that we do build a monument to President Eisenhower,” Subbotin said.
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  1. Several years ago I watched a television program regarding the uproar (deservedly so) over the proposed Gehry memorial for President Eisenhower. The only family member present was his granddaughter Ann, grandson David having fled the scene. As I understand it, all the family wants is a statue of him to be placed by the building (formerly known as the EOB) named in his honor. I would certainly be in favor of that. I worked for Congress for 25 years, retiring in 1990, so I know a bit about how such things work … or not! So now make haste to see that it gets done. Thank you for listening.

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